BIM Project Execution Planning

This is the third of four courses that comprise AGC’s Building Information Modeling Education Program. This full-day, facilitator led course is designed as a mix of lecture, facilitated discussion and activities. Uses cases provide examples to help you understand session concepts. The course is divided into four sessions:

Session 1 introduces participants to teaming dynamics that are most desired, if not required, for a successful project. During this session, you will learn what qualities are necessary for a successful project team, the importance of establishing an environment of shared vision and accountability for each team member, to each other. We will also look at the impact of different size groups and how to adapt without compromising the project goals.

Session 2 examines some of the more basic BIM-related legal concepts. We will focus on providing a fairly high-level perspective on a range of legal topics that attendees should know. These are general concepts that are evolving, along with BIM. We’ll look at risk, intellectual property and standard of care. All of these are good examples of real world concerns for everyone on the project. We will also examine the different delivery methods for construction
projects, with time to discuss trends and benefits of particular models.

Session 3 defines a four-step process of software selection that participants can use as they start purchasing BIM software applications.

Session 4 is your time to participate in a BIM project team activity. You will be part of a team, with a defined role, and you will apply what you have learned in the course. The day will end with this activity with the goal that it will reinforce the information that was shared with you during the previous three sessions.

WHEN:  October 5, 2017

WHERE: EMU Livonia 38777 W. Six Mile Rd. Livonia, MI

CONTACT:   Viki Gotts


PHONE:  (248) 721-0075