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Prefabrication has emerged as a revolutionary approach in the field of construction, particularly for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems. It involves the off-site manufacturing of components or assemblies, which are then transported to the construction site for installation. Prefabrication offers numerous benefits to MEP tradesmen, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and overall project quality. Collaborative incorporates prefab methodologies right from the planning and design phase. By involving MEP trade contractors early in the process, the team can identify opportunities for prefabrication, optimize workflows, and eliminate potential bottlenecks, fostering a lean construction approach.

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Collaborative is committed to equipping MEP trade contractors with the tools necessary to outperform their competition. At Collaborative, we believe that if you can increase the field team’s efficiency then you will reduce the project budget bottom line and increase those profit margins. In this vast world of BIM that changes at alarming rates, we are determined to improving our process with every prefab component as we allow our knowledge to compound on itself with each project we work. Not only does prefabrication harness the true capabilities of BIM from start to finish, it has a significant waste reduction compared to trial and error installations.

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Prefabrication can speed construction by as much as 50% and can cut construction costs by 20%

Collaborative is dedicated to utilizing prefabrication as a strategic approach to enhance lean construction practices on-site. Prefabrication offers cost-saving advantages for MEP tradesmen. By optimizing material usage and reducing waste, it minimizes expenses associated with excess materials and disposal. Off-site fabrication allows for efficient inventory management, ensuring that only the required components are produced, reducing the risk of overstocking. By taking advantage of off-site construction, the reduction in on-site labor hours further contributes to cost savings.

Crafted with precision, built to perfection

Prefabrication enables better quality control over MEP systems. Manufacturing components off-site ensures consistency, accuracy, and precision in measurements and installations. Strict quality checks can be implemented during the fabrication process, leading to a higher standard of workmanship and reduced errors. This minimizes rework and improves the overall quality and reliability of MEP systems.

Prefab works with every trade: Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical

Collaborative is leveraging prefabrication techniques specific to each MEP trade. You can benefit from improved quality control, reduced labor costs, accelerated project timelines, enhanced safety, and minimized errors. Prefabrication enables off-site manufacturing, stringent quality checks, and standardized processes, resulting in higher productivity, better coordination, and increased overall efficiency for each MEP trade individually.

Mechanical (HVAC):

Ductwork: Prefabricated ductwork components can be manufactured off-site with precise measurements, insulation, and dampers, ensuring faster and more accurate installation.

Piping Systems: Prefabricated mechanical piping systems can be assembled in controlled environments, minimizing errors and enhancing efficiency during on-site installation.


Piping Systems: Prefabricated plumbing piping systems can be fabricated off-site, complete with fittings, valves, and supports, simplifying on-site installation and reducing material waste.

Bathroom Pods: Prefabricated bathroom pods with plumbing fixtures, piping, and connections can be manufactured off-site, accelerating construction schedules and ensuring consistent quality.


Cable Trays and Conduits: Prefabricated cable trays and conduits can be manufactured with pre-installed wiring, connectors, and supports, enabling faster and easier routing during installation.

Electrical Panels: Prefabricated electrical panels can be assembled off-site, including wiring, breakers, and controls, reducing on-site labor and ensuring standardized quality.

Room in a Box: Imagine walking into a room ready for rough-in. You see a parts box sitting on the floor with every in-wall box pre-made with whips and conduit attached and wired together inside with wire nuts or waygos. Imagine that.

Bill of Materials report supplied to optimize material orders for every project

One of our main goals through this entire process will be to ensure that your project management team has what they need to be successful. One of the ways that we can help is by gauranteing an accurate materials list for all items that we place inside of our BIM model. BIM provides a virtual representation of the project, including detailed information about building components, materials, and specifications. Project managers can leverage BIM to extract accurate quantities of materials required for each phase of the project, ensuring precise BOM (Bill of Materials) generation. This eliminates guesswork and minimizes the risk of over or under-ordering materials, leading to cost savings and improved resource management. BIM enables project managers to access real-time information about the project’s design and progress. Any changes made in the BIM model automatically update the associated BOM, ensuring that project managers have the most up-to-date material quantities and specifications at their disposal. This reduces manual errors, improves coordination, and enhances overall project efficiency.

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