This is the second of four courses that comprise AGC’s Building Information Modeling Education Program. This full-day, facilitator-led course provides you with a great deal of information about the types of BIM tools and their functions to enable you to make better purchasing decisions. The course is divided into four sessions:

Session 1 focuses on giving participants an overview of BIM technologies and the definitions that will be used throughout the course. It looks at tool classes and functions, which are instrumental in developing an understanding of the primary use for any application.

Session 2 takes a comprehensive look at a range of products, organized in a logical workflow for a BIM project. This is the core of the course, and there is a lot of ground to cover. The focus is that tools need to fi t the process, not the other way around.

Session 3 defines a four-step process of software selection that participants can use as they start purchasing BIM software applications.

Session 4 explores some of the more granular details of BIM. The session briefly explores the topic of fi le formats, from the perspective of open versus proprietary, then from the perspective
of inter-operability.

WHEN:  September 7, 2017

WHERE: EMU Livonia 38777 W. Six Mile Rd. Livonia, MI

CONTACT:   Viki Gotts


PHONE:  (248) 721-0075